3D Printing Fashion | Iris Van Herpen Sharkles Fashion Show with 3D Printed Dress Weaved

Iris Van Herpen, the Netherlands appeared designer often praised as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a garment construction technique. The design always integrates past and future into a unique version of the present by integrating traditional couture technology and workmanship.

Iris cuts knitted and rotates hard and cold material, and uses modern high technology such as 3D modeling to create a very strong visual impact, directly or indirectly express cultural life and aesthetic characteristics of the era. High-tech techniques such as 3D printing connecting its designs with very strong visual impacts perfectly integrating ancient skills with modern rejuvenation.

The 3D printing combination and sewing techniques expand the limits of fashion design. Iris collaborated with Kim Keever, a New York artist and former NASA engineer, on facial contour jewelry printed 3D and dresses such as cloud in the gender of the euro translucent, which made the whole design stylish and mysterious. Accurate 3D printing technology allows elegant gauze to join a sophisticated design.

In the field of printing and 3D mode, Iris Van Herpen and scientists have developed a method of combining 3D print plastic with natural fibers. The team uses multi-material Polyjet 3D printing technology to print a synthetic resin structure on a piece of tulle (only 0.8 mm thick). During the printing process, resin droplets are deposited and then cured with ultraviolet light and designers can change the color and transparency of the material by installing various droplets. Modifying clothes is not only the need for design, but also further manifestations on technological advancements. 3D printing clothes can not only reflect the curve of the human body, but also polish the clothes.

In 2013, Victoria's secret displays 3D print underwear which mainly uses snow-shaped headwear and crystal ice-shaped clothing as a major form, which fully realizes grace, sensuality, and concentration on clothing. This design concept is mainly based on the principle of feasibility. If people don't choose clothes like scarves to decorate in summer, they choose necklaces, brooches, etc. for decoration.

Fashion industry

The new balance utilizes fully 3D printing to produce shoes with Mashol printed 3D. Not only focusing on appearance, the new balance is determined to pay more attention to the performance of shoes and improved comfort. Classic 990 sports newly released with 3D printed trusty heel lighter, more supportive, and more durable thanks to the 3D printing material superiority.

In the Jewelry industry, Peter Donders is a prime example of someone who works with 3D printing limitations. With his experience in design furniture and workmanship, Peter knows exactly how to utilize 3D modeling software and 3D printers. He designed and developed his own brand jewelry, "I don't really intend to make a collection of 3D print jewelry. Someone asked me to produce something small and afterwards, my plan got a little outside: I ended up with the entire collection of 3D prints."

3D printing technology becomes more mature in the field of clothing. Many structures and forms that are difficult to achieve in 2D can be realized through 3D technology. It is not difficult to imagine that this unique mold method will definitely bring new modeling languages ​​and aesthetic changes.