Case Study: Bring your discovery to life

Beautiful and functional product prototypes not only for large budget design companies anymore. New 3D printing technology places prototypes that look great - and fast and cheap design iterations - in professional practical range.

If you are an inventor, or just have a good idea for a product, your prototype will look like the final product you are trying to sell, finance, or crowdfund. This is not possible just five years ago. 3D printing is high quality, functional, and durable for financially outdoor prototypes for all but the largest company. Plus, Mock-up made of other ingredients, such as styrofoam or time-consuming and expensive. But today, the availability and affordability of high-quality 3D printing technology helps independent inventors and boutique design companies bring their ideas to live.

For example, young inventors in the Metaphor Design try to provide clients and prospective investors with display prototypes and operate like the final products that exist in their minds. The development of this small Italian product and a collective design based in Milan, found that time, money, and technology available to make prototypes is a big obstacle before they switch to 3D printing.

"Prototypes made of wood or polystyrene will be too difficult to forms," ​​said Industrial Designer Andrea Pedulli, co-founder metaphor. "Without 3D printing support, we will not be able to handle unprofitable conceptual design projects." Like many small design companies, metaphors cannot develop their own discoveries unless they have funds for prototypes in advance, which is very rare. But with their 3D printer (Zortrax M200 Plus), designers are able to take their ideas to functional prototypes.


It’s Not All About Looks

3D metaphor print prototypes that look great, but it is the ability to fix it through functional iterations which are the advantages behind the 3D printing screen.

"Having a 1: 1 scale prototype that is very similar to the important end result to make customers understand what the final product is," said Pedulli. "For us, it is possible to print components, test it, modify it, and reprint until the optimal results found, is what makes 3D printing so special."

And with a little more than $ 200, Anycubic 3D printing is an affordable investment for a small company.

"3D printers are extraordinary tools that greatly facilitate creative processes, especially for those who do not have resources to invest in large production," said Pedulli. "Some time ago, to get a prototype with a complex form, it is necessary to invest a lot of resources (especially time) to be able to verify the lines, details, and dimensions."